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The main goal of Multiland is to generate neutral landscapes made of several types of regions, with an exact control of the proportions occupied by each type of region. An important feature of the software is that it allows a control of the landscape fragmentation. It is intended to theoretical studies on the effect of landscape structure in applied sciences. It has been developed in the framework of the PEERLESS ANR project ``Predictive Ecological Engineering for Landscape Ecosystem Services and Sustainability".


Documentation.  The user guide is available here.


New: a Python code is now available on a Jupyter Notebook.

The Matlab® source code (for Matlab R2011a or later) of the MULTILAND software is available:

Multiland source code.

The software multiland is also available on Mathworks file exchange.


You need to have Matlab® (R2011a or later) intalled on your computer:

1. Download the source code.

2. Unzip the files in multiland.zip to you matlab folder.

3. Open Matlab® and launch the multiland.m file.


Lionel Roques: lionel.roques@inrae.fr